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Adding value to your fleet by mitigating risk, increasing profitability, and improving credibility.

Fleet Services

Century Driving Group’s fleet risk mitigation and safety services work alongside your business to create customized educational programs that fit within your needs and budget. We work with fleets and individual drivers to diagnose underlying behavioral issues and increase cognitive driving skills.

What You Can Expect

  • Assess

    Although there are regulations to enforce the rules of the road, there are few tools available to influence the habits of drivers. Century Driving Group offers Driver Competency Assessments (DCA) to address the cognitive skills of driving. Used in pre-hire, for-cause and post-remediation instances, our specialized approach evaluates both the mechanics of safe driving and cognitive driving theory.

  • Strategize

    Our consultants use the assessment results to tailor programs specific to a single driver or address the strengths and weaknesses of your fleet. With our predetermined routes, standardized grading format and objective platform, we compile quantifiable data to determine the next step for your fleet.


  • Pre-Hire Assessment

    Ensure drivers meet the standards of your organization prior to hiring. This 1 hour, on-road, in-vehicle driving assessment given by a certified assessor, will objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of prospective drivers.

  • License Certification

    Century is authorized to administer road tests and grant Commercial Drivers License's to qualified drivers in the state of Michigan.

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What you can Expect


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